cock blocker

Hey everyone

I know, I know I haven't put finger to key for some time and you have all missed my witty charm and sarcastic verse.

To be honest I've had times when I have felt on top of the world and then others when I could really do with having my head surgically removed from my arse. Cancer can really be the cockblocker of life. For those who may not know what a cock block is...
You know when you and the other half have had a bit to drink and you begin to feel a little amorous, the lighting is perfect (dark so you cant see the flabby bits), the mood is sensual (due to the amount of alcohol you have consumed), the house is perfectly quiet (the kids were in bed by 7 and are soundly asleep) so you jump on each other like a pair of rampant teenagers ignoring the fact your hips are making cracking noises, you have cramp in one leg and you cant remember being this out of breath when you were younger...and then all of a sudden you here...."mummy have you hurt your leg?" &…

ups and downs

Hey everyone,

How are we all doing?

So I have just completed week 2 of radiotherapy and its going well. I was so nervous on the first day going through the doors into the radiotherapy reception. We sat waiting for what felt like an eternity, tentatively waiting to hear my name called. The waiting area is lovely and relaxed with views over some pretty gardens and I almost balled my eyes out when a robin flew into the garden and sat in the tree. The robin means a lot to me. After my grandad passed away a couple of years ago I saw one everyday in our garden at home and I just knew it was him sending me a message: "hello my flower" as he used to call me or " don't think you can get away with anything cos I am still bloody watching you" he always loved my cheeky ways. But I had not seen one for a couple of weeks until that morning sat in the waiting room and I just knew it was him letting me know he was there which made me feel a little better.

Whilst waiting an eld…

getting nervous!!!!!!

Hey everyone,

How are we all?

I am doing well, in fact I am doing very well and am feeling really good. My body is continuing to heal well and the hole in my stomach has shrunk loads. In fact it has shrunk that much that the plastic surgeon has agreed that I no longer need my hoover dressing and can now have a normal dressing on it (essentially a fucking huge plaster but hey its got no tubes coming out of it!). I am so impressed with how my body has coped with everything it has been through. In fact I think its pretty amazing, I actually feel pretty fucking there nothing my body can't take. Everything that has ever been thrown at my body and trust me it has been through hell but yet every single time it fights back and rises out of the ashes like a god damn goddess! I actually firmly believe I should have a crown because I am that good!.

Besides me blowing my own fanfare I have been busy trying to make sure everything is ready for me starting radiotherapy on Monday…

It's been a while

Hey hey everyone....long time no updates!

It's been a rough few months and I have the battle scars to prove it.

As you were all aware I went in for my big surgery on the 18th of Feb and it went as well as expected. 8 and a bit hours under the knife, a few days in intensive care and I was back on a normal ward to keep on recovering. The staff were all fab, I met some remarkable people who I will never forget and I can't praise them enough I know how difficult I can be especially when I'm stuck in a place I don't want to be and I can't do much for myself....stubborn as hell!!!

The drugs were amazing I was hardly in any pain apart from when being moved. I was off my tits!! In all honesty I am not sure what people get out of doing hardcore drugs and sniffing shit, the stuff is awful it makes you feel sick, you don't know what day you are on, you can't function and the hallucinations and psycho dreams you have are nothing but fucking weird. Who has ever had a d…

6 Days In

Sorry for the gap in updates we have just not been in the mood to do any typing, whats happened since the last update, well let me tell you.
Amy has finally been moved from intensive care after nearly 3 full days up there, while this was a step in the right direction we do miss ICU. Don't get me wrong, on the ward we still have a private room, we now have a opening window which is lovely to feel the spring breeze gently blow through the 6 inch gap, I think they restrict the opening in case the patient tries to climb out, even though it only leads to a enclosed court yard, the court yard has a 8 foot pine tree and then lots of dead plants, the staff have said that it is lovely in summer but I don’t think we will be in any rush to come back to marvel in the hospitals version of the hanging gardens of Babylon anytime soon. We also now have a TV to watch, I say to watch but what I really mean is that they put a TV in your room that is free between the hours of 8-12, you know when Jer…

It pays to be nice!

Good morning/afternoon I am currently sat next to Amy in intensive care so they can keep an eye on her due to the fact that she spent so long in theatre. She is all swollen, like everywhere, it looks like she has been in a fight and taken most of the hits to her eyes and face,no bruising there just swollen like you wouldn’t believe, and she is getting poked and prodded every hour, on the hour by the nurses and when she isn't being poked she is sleeping (this is the quietest I have known her to be in the 16 years I have been with her). I spent the whole night at hospital, they are being wonderful looking after Amy and I. The first nurse thought she would be kind and brought me this,

Basically a chair you would find at school, not the most comfortable to sit on, never mind sleep on but due to my witty charm, my helpfulness and possibly some pity from the nurses, as I settled down for the night using the wall as my pillow a lovely nurse came in offered me a nice warm brew and came b…

Day of the surgery

Hi all, it's Craig, the long suffering husband of the loud and stubborn Amy. Just a quick update. After turning up late to check in to the ward (typical Amy she is never on time) she has been prepped and has been in surgery for 6 hours and 15 mins up until now. I have sat in a cafe on the hospital site, drank my own body weight in coffee (the last 3 was decaf as I am scared I won't sleep for a week now) had lunch with my mother, watched 3 episodes of burn notice and played about 20 levels of lemmings. Only about 2 hours to go.