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The calm before the storm.

Hi Everyone!

For all those that read and commented on my last post, thank you so very much.

This week has been a little quiet at Heartland Home (our house name), probably a blessing as the run up to Christmas is usually very hectic. What with present buying, card writing, baking, school plays, disco's, carol services, decorating the house, visiting friends and family, making sure we have everything we need to make Christmas go as smoothly as possible, it can be stressful trying to fit everything in.  I do love Christmas though, it is the one time of the year where I feel giddy just like I did as a child. I love spending time watching the excitement build on my children's faces, and sometimes the roll of their eyes when I am being silly dancing to Christmas songs that are playing or wearing a Santa hat to go Christmas shopping. Their disapproving look of sheer embarrassment only makes me do it more. As a mum I feel it is my duty to show my children that growing old gracefully d…

Welcome everyone!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new adventure and a place where I can connect with like-minded people. This is my first blog ever so please beware that I may at times seem like I have no idea what I am doing...probably because I don't and please do feel free to comment with any requests or pointers that will help me improve.

I have a variety of interests and hobbies (we will explore these later) but one interest in particular is writing. I have always had a passion for reading which is perhaps where my love for journal writing came from as it allowed me to express myself just as an author would express themselves in the array of fantastic books that I have had the honour of reading.

Many people have a journal, notebook or diary and its personal and unique to every individual. I do have a paper journal and often sit writing or doodling on the pages because I enjoy it. My journal gives me a place where I can be myself, I can write my deepest secrets, darkest fears, alongside the thing…