Welcome everyone!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new adventure and a place where I can connect with like-minded people. This is my first blog ever so please beware that I may at times seem like I have no idea what I am doing...probably because I don't and please do feel free to comment with any requests or pointers that will help me improve.

I have a variety of interests and hobbies (we will explore these later) but one interest in particular is writing. I have always had a passion for reading which is perhaps where my love for journal writing came from as it allowed me to express myself just as an author would express themselves in the array of fantastic books that I have had the honour of reading.

Many people have a journal, notebook or diary and its personal and unique to every individual. I do have a paper journal and often sit writing or doodling on the pages because I enjoy it. My journal gives me a place where I can be myself, I can write my deepest secrets, darkest fears, alongside the things in life that I enjoy most. My journal contains loads of crap too but these are often the funniest pages in my journal and places I often flick back to when I am having a shit day and I need something to pick me up.

The idea behind doing this journal blog thingy online is that I can't run out of pages to write on and I don't get writers cramp! Plus, I want to share my crap with everyone else and who knows I might even help someone else who might be having a bad day and just needs to flick back to those pages to help pick them up too.

I have no idea where this adventure will go or where we may end up...no maps are included! But I can promise that it won't be boring ( I hope) and I am sure we will have plenty of fun. There may be the occasional swear word so this may not be suitable for the younger generations or those too up their own arses (oops there we go!) to appreciate my 'down to earth' style.

This post is getting longer as there is so much I want to tell everyone, but I don't want to put you off before we have even started so I will shut up soon. I will introduce myself better as we go on but for now I just want to say thank you for visiting, thank you for reading, welcome to my blog, please come back soon, please do comment and please do take part where you can .

I want to try and set you a little challenge after each time I publish a post on here... one because it means I can try and get you to comment but also because I think doing something for yourself every single day makes life a little more enjoyable.

My first challenge for you wonderful people is to....

Take a piece of paper and something to write with, or even your laptop, computer, tablet etc...make a list of 5 words or phrases  you would write to describe or introduce yourself in your journal (without  using your name, your address, or any other information that would cause a security risk...please stay safe). Your list can literally include anything, trust me your journal does not judge you.

If you want to comment, share your thoughts, give feedback, post your challenge results then  please do so. I would love to get to know all you like-minded journal junkers.

Thanks everyone, with much love...


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