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The dreaded C Word

Hi Guys

First my sincere apologies, I started writing these blogs then suddenly stopped and have not put words to screen for a few weeks now.

Unfortunately we have had a real crap time it all started with a trip to the doctors at the end of last month with a lump.....after some biopsies, a lot of blood loss, an infection and a lot of tears I got the news a couple of days ago that I have cancer. WTF! I am 33 years old, I have 3 kids this shit is not supposed to happen. As you can imagine its been a tough few weeks my body hates me right now and is in protest for putting it through so much crap. For someone who has a serious phobia of hospitals and PTSD because of some traumatic hospital stays in my childhood its made this whole process almost unbearable. But with a lot of fucking balls, a good husband and family I am still here and have not gone completely insane.

So where is it???? somewhere between my fanny and my piss tube, you know the one place where you feel totally embarrassed w…