6 Days In

Sorry for the gap in updates we have just not been in the mood to do any typing, whats happened since the last update, well let me tell you.

Amy has finally been moved from intensive care after nearly 3 full days up there, while this was a step in the right direction we do miss ICU. Don't get me wrong, on the ward we still have a private room, we now have a opening window which is lovely to feel the spring breeze gently blow through the 6 inch gap, I think they restrict the opening in case the patient tries to climb out, even though it only leads to a enclosed court yard, the court yard has a 8 foot pine tree and then lots of dead plants, the staff have said that it is lovely in summer but I don’t think we will be in any rush to come back to marvel in the hospitals version of the hanging gardens of Babylon anytime soon. We also now have a TV to watch, I say to watch but what I really mean is that they put a TV in your room that is free between the hours of 8-12, you know when Jeremy Kyle is on (can’t stand watching that program) and only the 5 main channels. After this they want to charge £20 for 3 days viewing. Just let that sink in, £20 FOR 3 DAYS OF TV! So far it we would have paid £40 and we would still have 1 day to fill before the week is up. Who runs the TV service, Brighthouse! Wonga loan! I am reluctant to pay for our TV licence at home, which we do pay for, but at least that's not £40 a week.

The one thing we do miss from ICU is the nurse to patient ratio of nearly 1 to 1. Whilst up in ICU when Amy was due her pain killers, the nurse was there ready to pounce with the IV drip to keep the pain under control. Down on a normal ward the ratio is more like a remote tribe where they have 1 witch doctor for the full tribe of 40 people. Due to this fact I am having to take on the role of aux nurse. It not the nurses fault at all, I know that, they do a wonderful job and are such lovely people who are trying their best but they are let down by funding cuts and by upper management who would rather spend vasts amount of money on posters telling staff to remember to take a break instead of actually spending it on more staff so the existing over worked members of staff can actually take that break that they are being reminded to take. This doesn't help me though as I haven't seen my kids since Monday now and am really starting to miss them. We are calling them several times every day but due to Amy having tubes everywhere she doesn't want them to visit just yet, which I get (by the way we are now 1 tube down with another to go today) but with the main day to day running about done by me, like turning her, getting her jugs of water, making sure she is comfortable ect its hard to get away for more that the 5 minutes I am getting to go and get a sandwich.

To put it all in a nutshell, Amy is still in lots of pain but is moving around a little better, I have learnt to sleep sitting up in a chair, we are missing the kids but we don't want them to know our weakness as they will use it against us in the future, the NHS like all our emergency services is under funded, and the TV service in hospitals is vastly overcharging and they guy who own it must look like this.


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