It pays to be nice!

Good morning/afternoon I am currently sat next to Amy in intensive care so they can keep an eye on her due to the fact that she spent so long in theatre. She is all swollen, like everywhere, it looks like she has been in a fight and taken most of the hits to her eyes and face,no bruising there just swollen like you wouldn’t believe, and she is getting poked and prodded every hour, on the hour by the nurses and when she isn't being poked she is sleeping (this is the quietest I have known her to be in the 16 years I have been with her). I spent the whole night at hospital, they are being wonderful looking after Amy and I. The first nurse thought she would be kind and brought me this,

Basically a chair you would find at school, not the most comfortable to sit on, never mind sleep on but due to my witty charm, my helpfulness and possibly some pity from the nurses, as I settled down for the night using the wall as my pillow a lovely nurse came in offered me a nice warm brew and came back with an upgrade.

And with it a new sleeping position.

I was over the moon to have something which cushioned my boney bum, then I found out it reclined. PRAISE THE LORD what a lovely feeling, after having only a few of hours sleep the night before, being awake for 19 hours and having the longest and most stressful day I have had on a long time this chair was perfect, in fact I loved it that much that I have woken up this morning, taken the sheet off it, went for a sandwich and am now sitting back in it typing on my laptop. It is my new best friend, even when Amy wants me I can just take the brakes off and wheel across to her, now all I need is a fridge, a few beers and a decent wifi signal and I could move in here.

I have now moved to the cafe again to upload this post and to get a little bit of fresh air. Cant stay too long here as her morphine will be wearing off and she will be thinking I am out having a good time without her.


  1. Take the rest while you can, as I'm sure you are exhausted, it can only get better now that Amy has it over, waiting was the worst part. You know the kids are in good hands with Millie and Harry. All our love and Best wishes for Amy's speedy recovery. Helen & Billy


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