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cock blocker

Hey everyone

I know, I know I haven't put finger to key for some time and you have all missed my witty charm and sarcastic verse.

To be honest I've had times when I have felt on top of the world and then others when I could really do with having my head surgically removed from my arse. Cancer can really be the cockblocker of life. For those who may not know what a cock block is...
You know when you and the other half have had a bit to drink and you begin to feel a little amorous, the lighting is perfect (dark so you cant see the flabby bits), the mood is sensual (due to the amount of alcohol you have consumed), the house is perfectly quiet (the kids were in bed by 7 and are soundly asleep) so you jump on each other like a pair of rampant teenagers ignoring the fact your hips are making cracking noises, you have cramp in one leg and you cant remember being this out of breath when you were younger...and then all of a sudden you here...."mummy have you hurt your leg?" &…