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self reflection

Hey guys,

It is that time of year again when our little ones all start their new school year and we lovingly pack them off with new uniform, new bags and coats, a wholesome pack lunch and a kiss and cuddle at the gates. We then turn around and you can see all the newbies, those with tears in their eyes as they send their babies off into the big world for the first time. And then there is the rest of us who have done this shit before and we have smiles of joy, relief in our faces and excitement in our blood that we can finally go home enjoy a cup of tea and that stashed pack of chocolate biccies you've been hiding in a secret place because you just don't want to bloody share.  I hear you!!!!

The start of the school year always brings a sense of new beginnings and a sudden burst of energy to try and better yourself. I have found myself doing quite a lot of self reflection these last couple of weeks and  I have come to the conclusion I am either A: totally insane, B: actually a h…