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exciting times

Hey everyone

Thought I'd pop on an update for you all to let you know how things are going.

After my last post, as a family we settled back into the swing of going back to school and the house slave returning back to work full time. The house is so very quiet like you could actually hear a pin drop! Its a bag of mixed emotions on the one hand after the weekend I can not wait for that slamming of the door as they all leave and the blissful sigh that escapes me and ripples out into the silence but on the other it draws towards the middle of the week and the silence becomes a little to much and I can't wait for the weekend to have them all at home.

I have been back to the hospital to see the urologist who again assures me that my last scan was definitely clear apart from my kidneys were a little swollen so he referred me for a Mag 3 scan....ever heard of that? Nope me neither so I shit my pants when a letter arrived informing me it was in the nuclear department and that they woul…