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welcome to the dark side

Hey you guys!

How are you lovely peeps on this fine November day?

Ok, since I last left you all we have had some fantastic days. Halloween was pure amaze-balls. The kids had some friends round for a little Halloween party. Me and the house bitch even got dressed up and we decorated the house. It was lovely watching the kids all run round dressed up, competing at apple bobbing having lots of fun. We topped off the evening with a bit of trick or treating round the local village with a group of local mums and dads and their kids.

Bonfire night again was another fantastic time. I must admit I was not in the mood this year for bonfire night which is really not like me, this is the time of year I start getting so giddy and excited but this year I really was not feeling it at all. A couple of reasons: Its getting close to the anniversary where I left work in a distressed state after a rather  stressful meeting and the most disgusting comment from someone who was suppose to be supporting me, …