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Hey everyone.....

OMG its nearly Christmas!!!!!!!!

I am ever so slightly excited, I love this time of year its full of fun, laughter, special family moments and PRESENTS!!!!! oh and lots of food and alcohol.

As you all know I have been waiting for my latest scan results which is one of the most awful things in the world...waiting and waiting for someone to tell you whether or not your cancer is still there, has come back full throttle or is laying dormant or even better dead as a dodo! The emotional roller coaster you go through waiting for that news is horrendous. One minute you are so engrossed in life that for a couple of minutes you put cancer to the back of your mind and then bam! like a bolt of lightening, that appointment comes through the door and you crash back down to earth with such a force and you can't think of anything else but cancer.

I have had several panic attacks these last couple of weeks, my anxiety levels have been through the roof, decent sleep is a distant …