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Hello 2020!

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a very drunk new year!

We had a fucking brilliant Christmas, certainly made up for the shittiest Christmas last year. We stayed at home, me and the house slave took some annual leave from work so we got to spend lots of time with the kids. We barely left the house to be honest, I think we just needed to be with each other this year. Boxing day we did go to my mams house for the afternoon and spent it with my folks, my sister her other half and their two kids and my baby sister who isn't really a baby but now 21! But she is still the baby of the family. It was a busy afternoon but me and mum managed to get through a bottle of fizz and mum put on a fab spread for us all so we all went home happy and full.
 The run up to Christmas was just manic, trying to fit in buying presents, delivering cards, work, seeing friends and family and making some pretty special memories with the kids.

I had breakfast with SANTA!!! obviously the bi…